TAC - Team Action for Christ in Haiti


Historically Haiti has always been one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.  On January 12, 2010, Haiti was rocked by a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake, leaving over one hundred thousand dead, many children parentless, and a large portion of the country’s infrastructure destroyed, including hospitals and water treatment facilities.  In the horrific aftermath of this devastating earthquake, Haiti has been hit by both tropical storm Isaac & hurricane Sandy.  The combination of these devastating natural disasters has left behind many casualties & a nation in crisis.  The TAC Granite family, through Team Action for Christ, has

personally purchased and delivered to Haiti medical supplies, re-building materials, basic living needs, bibles, and toy packages.  During the TAC family’s several trips to Haiti they have helped in building orphanages, homes for the people living in tent cities, and places of worship.  These efforts have brought much joy and hope to the orphaned children and homeless people of this nation, however, it is still not enough.  Today, over four years after the devastating earthquake, there are still homeless people living in tent cities, thousands of orphans in desperate need, and much of Haiti’s infrastructure that supplies basic human needs still is not rebuilt.

The TAC Granite family is committed to continuing their physical and spiritual relief efforts until this county has recovered.  The newest project TAC has is to buy and deliver multiple self sustaining portable dental units with built in computers.  These will enable dentists to travel to remote areas of Haiti to provide much needed dental care to the poor, many whom have little or no dental care in their entire lives.

These pictures show Fernando and the TAC Granite family on their latest trip to Haiti, where they helped build an expansion for an overcrowded orphanage, delivered clothes and toys to the orphaned children who often have little more  than the clothes on their backs, and connected with Haiti’s people through assisting the local spiritual leaders in spreading God’s word and God’s love to all those in need.